1 to 16-Port RS485/RS422 Data Distributor

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  • Receives one input and distributes to up to 16 ports
  • Simultaneous data to up to 16 output ports
  • Supports both RS422 and RS485 standards automatically
  • Up to 3,936 feet (1,200 m) over 3,936 feet (1,200 m) UTP
  • Terminal blocks and RJ-45 connectors for UTP connection
  • Compact size and easy to install
  • Built-in surge protection
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The Vi0116D is a data distributor that receives PTZ data from a controller such as a DVR and distributes it to multiple PTZ security cameras up to 3,936 feet (1,200 m) of unshielded twisted pair. It supports both RS422 and RS485 standards automatically.


The Vi0116D enables you easily install a telemetry system in “star” configuration rather than “daisy chain”. It provides a reliable mean for large scale CCTV systems with multiple PTZ cameras to control each camera individually. Unlike daisy chaining the star configuration provides long distance data reach with flexible installation.

The Vi0116D can be used with both pluggable terminal block and pluggable RJ45 adapters. Multiple Data Distributors can be daisy chained to create as many data lines as required. Up to 2 units can be rack mounted using a 1U blank panel.
The Vi0116D is ideal for multicast data transmission to pan/tilt/zoom cameras (PTZ), point of sale devices (POS) and access control