802.3af/at Power Device (PD)

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  • Provide a PoE System with a PD allowing power to flow from a PoE source providing PoE remote power to all devices along the transmission path


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Vigitron’s Vi0024 acts as an 802.3 af (15.4 Watts) and 802.3at (30 Watts) power device pad, compliant to the 802.3 PoE standard, allowing the flow of power from a PoE source but blocking the final transmission to the end point. The Vi0024 is ideal for allowing PoE devices along a transmission line to receive power from a PoE source when the final connection is to a camera or other devices that have or require local power. Using the Vi0024 eliminates the need for extra local power sources or supplies, allowing devices such as extended UTP/coax to be powered locally.