Vi51000 & Vi51001
HD Fiber Optics Media Converters

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  • Provides a single channel HD coax to Fiber conversion for easy installation
  • Interfaces with most common existing fiber installations
  • Provides an easy and cost effective method for upgrading existing analog fiber installation to HD
  • Provides for separate transmission of RS 485 and video
  • Interfaces with all MSA compliant SFP most commonly installed fiber
  • Perfect solution for long distance data transmission
  • Extended temperature operation up to -20°C to +75°C
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Vigitron’s Vi51000 and Vi51001 are media converters that enable HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD signals along with RS485 data to be transmitted over fiber optic cables at long distances. They can be used with single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cables, new or existing analog fiber connections. The Vi51000 is a transmitter and the Vi51001 is a receiver. No electronic or optical adjustments are required. The ability to transmit RS485 makes the Vi51000 and Vi51001 the perfect solutions for long distance data transmission. 


The Vi51000 series is an ideal solution for converting existing analog fiber infrastructures to HD systems. They are compatible with 720p/50, 720p/60, 1080p/25, and 1080p/30 and provide lossless non-compression real time transmission.


This series provides a unique, reliable, and cost effective solution to combine a variety of transmission methods to meet any application requirement.