PoE Power Combiner Cable

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  • Combines up to 2 PoE ports for doubling PoE power output
  • Handles PoE power levels up to 74W
  • PoE power solution for PoE PTZ domes, LED lighting and other high power PoE applications
  • Combines two PoE outputs to meet higher PoE device requirements
  • Conforms to standard RJ45 connectors and standard Cat5e/Cat6 wiring
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The Vi0015 can connect to selected Vigitron network switches and Midspans to combine the PoE output of two ports increasing PoE power beyond the normal 30W to provide power for extended distance applications and those requiring high power PoE**. By conforming to standard RJ45 connections and Cat 5e/6 wiring using the Vi0015 eliminates the need for any modifications. The Vi0015 can be used for applications where the PoE power of a single port is limited and connected devices require higher PoE power.

Using the Vi0015, Vigitron’s Vi2216A can increase the number of ports providing up to 74W from 4 to 8. Vigitron’s product line of five port switches can power up to two devices requiring more than 30 watts up to 60 watts*.