12VDC/24VAC Coax Ethernet Extender w/ 60W PoE

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  • Coax Ethernet extender for distances up to 5,000 feet (1,515m) 
  • Uses 24VDC or 24VAC input power to provide up to 60W of PoE power
  • Automatically senses PD power class and single or dual PD devices
  • Compact size, easily fits into most existing housings and camera mounts
  • Hardened with wide range operating temperature of -40°C to +75°C
  • Symmetric Bandwidth(SBW™) provides consistent upload and download with Virtual Zero Packet Loss (VZPL™) over total specified distance
  • MegaPixel Certified (MPC™) High data rate, ideal for high bandwidth requirements of Mega-pixel cameras, multiple IP cameras systems and cameras requiring Jumbo Frame transmission
  • Type tested to RFC-2544 TCP/IP network bandwidth packet transmission standards
  • Fully transparent to Ethernet networks and higher layer protocols
  • Data rate selectable to for maximum bandwidth utilization 
  • Complies to major IEEE standards and RFC network protocols for UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS 
  • USA designed and manufactured
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The Vi3202 is the perfect solution for replacing existing analog PTZ cameras with advanced IP PTZ cameras. It uses existing Coax cable for transmitting IP video up to 5000 feet (1,515 m) and the existing 24VDC or 24VAC power supply as power input to provide up to 

60W PoE to the cameras. Using the existing Coax cable and power supply provides great time and cost saving.
Its unique Symmetric Bandwidth (SBW™) assures full bandwidth transmission is maintained over the entire operational distance for both uploads and downloads with Virtual Zero Packet Loss (VZPL™). Type tested under NEMA-TS2 environmental standards for extended 
temperature operations between -40C° to +75C°. The Vi3202 is MegaPixel Certified (MPC™), type tested to network packet performance standards, and major manufacturer compatibility tested to assure you error free and reliable operations. 
Its compact design allows to be installed in many weatherproof and security houses or many types of camera mounts to further reduce installation costs. Installation cost savings, proven performance, and major camera brand compatibility all go into making Vigitron’s MaxiiCopper™ Vi3202 your best choice for extended distance data and power transmission.