MaxiiNetTM 20 + 4 Combo Ports L2+/L3 Lite Fiber Managed Network Switch

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  • Proves (24) 10/100/1000Mbps MSA compliant fiber ports
  • 4 Copper uplink ports
  • Built-in AC and back-up DC power supply inputs
  • Ability to operate on DC power only powered remotely from PoE and DC sources
  • Full Layer 2+ and Layer 3 lite static routing
  • Ability to operate on either AC or DC power
  • Jumbo Frame handling up to 10K bytes, even at 100Mbps 
  • Hardened high temperature operating range
  • Wide band 48Gbps switch fabric
  • Uses MSA compliant standard SFP to any fiber configuration
  • Easy to use GUI for set-up and operations
  • Port security with limit control configurations
  • Ability to evaluate status and health of connected devices and networks
  • Built in TCP/UDP/ICMP test generator with read outs of connected system status
  • Ability to download port status reports
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 Vigitron’s Vi35024 is a next generation enterprise level fiber switch providing 24 MSA complaint fiber ports with 4 combination fiber/copper ports. Focusing on network and port security, Layer 2+ provides all of the features required for network operation while each port is programmed with an individual MAC address, allowing for secured Layer 3 signal routing without any exposure to outside unsecured access. Jumbo frames can be programmed at 100Mbps for direct connection to the cameras and most IP security devices, reducing the potential for data loss while providing the ability to handle the largest megapixel cameras. Each port can be configured for individual and different subnet VLANs. The system syslog provides detailed performance and immediately reports potential problem areas while the Vi35024 route tracing can be used during set-up and operations to determine the network connectivity status. The Vi35024 is the perfect core switch solution for connecting up to 24 networks to a single location. 

The Vi35024 is designed to meet the growing power and bandwidth requirements for IP security cameras by providing both reliability and conductivity with the ability to locate and determine network system problems:
  • Layer 3 lite operations for operations across different subnets while maintaining network security 
  • Programmable video/data packet transmission up to the Jumbo Frame limit of 9600 bytes for transmitting the highest megapixel cameras at 100Mbps and 1Gps port speeds
  • Wide 48Gbps switch fabric assuring all required bandwidth, even with all ports at their maximum bandwidth assuring video and data quality
  • Redundant 48V redundant power supply back-up
  • Ability to operate on DC power from 802.3at PoE sources using Vigitron PoE/DC splitters
  • Programmable multicasting for compatibility and performance with largest IP video network systems
  • Programmable Rapid Spanning Tree for redundant network configuration assuring maintenance of network communication using multiple paths
  • Ability to use ICMP, TCP, and UDP packet transmission to test network connectivity through multiple hops 
  • Automatic MAC address detection for connected devices for easy connection verification and security hops
  • Complete SFP read out for units containing DDMI capacity
  • A high operating temperature up to 140°F (60°C) provides the ability to be installed in locations where normal switches would not operate