MaxiiNet 26-Port Fast Ethernet L2 High Power PoE Managed Switch

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  • Provides 24 port high power PoE
  • 24 ports at 10/100Mbps, 2 shared fiber/copper Uplink ports @ 1000Mbps
  • Two 1000Mbps independent Uplink ports allow for full use of all 24 ports
  • Individual port and main power supply over current, over voltage, over temperature  and short protection with automatic recovery
  • SNMP for communicating error messaging to local computers
  • Automatic IP and and PoE connection and reconnection
  • Automatic programmable MAC identification for all connected devices
  • Individual port MAC detection and binding for port security
  • 685W total power supply, 550W PoE budget
  • Programmable Web Access Filtering (WAF) to prevent unauthorized access
  • Transient ProtectTM intelligent PoE sensing to prevent damage from short
  • Intelligent Power Limit - automatically determines actual PoE power requirements
  • Individual port 65W output for operating high powered PTZ domes with heaters  and blowers
  • Provides 9G bytes fabric switching rate for handling largest megapixels IP cameras
  • Individual port over current protection, monitoring and auto restart
  • SecurPortTM provides individual port and complete switch protection against hacking and ghosting 
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Vigitron’s Vi30126 is the next generation L2 managed switch designed for PoE+ and high bandwidth network applications. It provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. The Vi30126 delivers unique intelligent features providing unmatched reliability for critical PoE, bandwidth, and port security. The Vi30126 enables individual port programming to apply PoE individually to each port lowering the potential for power overload resulting in potential damage to the switch and connected devices.

  • High Power PoE Budget: Total 685W power supply with 550W PoE budget providing 24-ports at full 15.4 W (802.3af), 18-ports at full 30W (802.3at) with 15 ports at 36W and 8 ports at 65W simultaneously
  • With programmable PoE up to 36W, with individual port output up to 65 watts providing power to PTZ domes with heaters and blowers.                 
  • Additional power is reserved to handle camera surge during start-up and application of auxiliary functions such as day/night, avoiding port PoE shut down
  • Transient Protect™ determines the difference between the need from additional PoE power and potential damaging shorts providing extra power when required or shutting down port PoE to protect connected devices 
  • The 9Gbps switch fabric provides all required bandwidth, even with all ports at their maximum bandwidth to keep video and data quality
  • Automatic connection, re-connection, and port monitoring with PoE application for more reliable start-ups and reducing downtime potentials
  • Programmable multicasting for compatibility and performance with largest IP video network systems
  • Programmable Rapid Spanning Tree for redundant network configuration assuring maintenance of network communication using multiple paths
  • Automatic MAC address detection for connected devices for easy connection verification and security programming
  • Programmable and auto detect MAC address binding limiting access for potential hacking
  • Layer 2 network switch compliance
  • Web filtering and MAC address binding provide a two stage protection against hacking
  • SecurPortTM provides complete protection against ghosting when attempts are made to connect unauthorized devices by copying device MAC and IP addresses