Single Port 60W PoE 1G Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

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  • Enables transmitting 1000Mbps Ethernet over fiber cables
  • Provides up to 74W PoE to power PTZ domes, heaters, and blowers
  • Uses Small Format Pluggable (SFP) to interface to a variety of fiber cables
  • 74W UPoE 
  • Can interfaces directly to network switch connections.
  • Depending on the type of fiber cable and SFPs distances of up to 80Km can be achieved
  • Transmits Jumbo Frames up to 9600 bytes for handling the largest Megapixel cameras
  • Complies with all network standards
  • Complies with the Multi-Standards Agreement for SFP interface
  • Extended temperature operation up to -30°C to +65°C.
  • Auto bandwidth control 100/1000Mbps*


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Vigitron’s Vi50000A is a media converter that enables Ethernet signals to be transmitted over different types of fiber optic cables. UTP connections with fiber to meet long distance transmission requirement and those where fiber is already installed. The use of SFP fiber modules results in compatibility with all major single and multi-mode fiber optics cables to achieve desired transmission distances depending on the type of cables and SFPs. The Vi50000A is powered from a local 12VDC or 48VDC power supply.


The Vi50000A provides up to 74W, UPoE, PoE to power PTZ domes with heaters and blowers, eliminating the need for high cost multiple power supplies, when it's connected to a 48VDC power supply. 
The Vi50000A is an ideal solution for converting existing analog fiber infrastructures to IP systems. It provides a unique, reliable, and cost effective solution to combine a variety of transmission methods to meet any application requirement. Auto bandwidth sensing provides an efficient way to connect cameras to network switches and NVRs.