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  • Extended Pass Through PoE (EPTP™) compatible with 802.3af, at, bt up to 90W
  • Provides up to 70W PoE at distances up to 600 feet (182m)
  • Extends Ethernet beyond 328 feet (100 m) limitation up to 3,000 feet (914 m) over UTP cables
  • Mega-Pixel Certified (MPC™), ideal for high bandwidth requirements of Mega-pixel cameras, multiple IP cameras systems, and cameras requiring Jumbo Frame transmission
  • Symmetric Bandwidth (SBW™) provides consistent upload and download with Virtual Zero Packet Loss (VZPL™)
  • Type tested to RFC-2544 TCP/IP network bandwidth packet transmission standards
  • Supports one-pair or four-pair UTP wires with built-in transceiver cable connectivity tester
  • Type tested for -40°C to +75°C temperature range under conforming to NEMA-TS2 testing standards
  • Auto select Data rate at 10 or 100 Mbps for maximum bandwidth utilization
  • Complies to major IEEE standards and RFC network protocols for UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Limited Life Time Warranty


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 Vigitron’s MaxiiCopper™ Vi2301AU UTP Ethernet extender brings new performance standards to the growing need for high speed transmission of full bandwidth Ethernet and 90W PoE power over extended distances. The Vi2301AU provides a solution for Multi- sensor and PTZ domes requiring PoE power between 60W to 70W for distance up to 900 feet. Its unique Symmetric Bandwidth (SBW™) assures full bandwidth transmission is maintained over the entire specified distance for both upload and download data with Virtual Zero Packet Loss (VZPL™). Bandwidth assurance provides the ability to transmit multiple cameras on single cable runs with no information loss. It can use 1 pair or 4 pairs of UTP and requires no switch setting or network programming. The Vi2301AU is compatible with all Vi2300 series models but in order to benefit from maximum PoE transmission the Vi2301AU need to be used on both ends of the cable. 

Extended Pass-Through 90W PoE eliminates the need for additional remote site power while allowing a PoE source, such as a PoE network switch, to provide power to both transceivers and the camera. The Vi2301AU can pass through 802.3bt PoE power up to 90W. It is type tested under NEMA-TS2 environmental standards for extended operation temperature between -40°C to +75°C. The Vi2301AU is the perfect solution for extended distance data and power transmission for warehouses, parking lots, campuses, casinos, etc. MaxiiCopper’s Vi2301AU is low power and can easily fit inside most cameras housings and junction boxes. Best of all, it is MegaPixel Certified (MPC™), type tested to network packet performance standards, and major camera brand compatibility tested to assure error free and reliable operations.