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  • Extends UTP video and 90W PoE up to 6,56ft (200m)
  • PoE powered with no need for local power
  • No network configuration required
  • Built-in network switch technology for reliable transmission
  • Full network bandwidth 10/100Mbps for transmitting the highest megapixel cameras
  • PoE power up to 90W for high power PTZ without the need for local power 
  • Extremely compact size enables easy installation
  • Multiple Vi30002Us can be used to extend IP video and PoE at distances up to 2,950ft.
  • Complies with NEC standards for use in 3, 3 ½, and 4 inch conduit
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The Vi30002U is an Ethernet and 90W PoE repeater that provides a cost effective method for increasing distances beyond the Ethernet limit of 328 feet (100m) for IT or CCTV applications. It is EEE 802.3bt compliant up to 90W PoE. Each unit can extend Ethernet and PoE for 328 feet (100m). Multiple units can be cascaded to reach the desired distances. Using 2 units it can provide 60W at 900ft (275m). The Vi30002U is a high performance device that meets the demand for the highest PoE powered PTZ domes and LED lighting eliminating the need for local power. 

The Vi30002U is extremely compact in size and can be easily installed in the smallest environments such as wire conduits and weather-proof enclosures. Removable mounting brackets make installation an easy process. The Vi30002U is the perfect solution for any IP 
transmission application. Up to 8 units can be combined to achieve a distance of 2,950 feet (900m) for IP video, PoE, and data 
The Vi30002U is powered by PoE only and requires no external power supply. It is an ideal solution for extending data, IP video, and PoE from PoE switches, Midspans, and Power Source Equipment (PSE).