High Power PoE Network Switch

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  • All 10 Ethernet ports are 1Gbps - 8 PoE and 2 SFP ports
  • 8 ports at 802.3af/at, 7 ports at 36W
  • SNMP for communicating error messaging to local computers
  • Advanced Layer 2+ performance
  • Trace routing for determining connection status
  • On board error message server with download reporting
  • Download certificate for security link to servers and clients
  • Automatic IP and PoE connection and reconnection
  • Automatic MAC identification for all connected devices
  • Individual IP Source Guard for protecting ports
  • Supports Jumbo Frames up to 9600 bytes
  • High Bandwidth 20Gbyte switching fabric
  • Lifetime Warranty
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The Vi30110 is a next generation L2+ Lite managed network switch designed for high PoE and bandwidth applications. With the unique ability to provide up to 36W, assuring connections are maintained during surges. Individual port connections are monitored as to connection and PoE status. In the event either is lost, the Vi30110 will automatically re-establish a connection and apply PoE without the need of a service call. Upto 32 trace routes can be program to test and view connections to individual ports. A built in error service can record several hundred error messages allowing them to be downloaded in .CSV or .txt formats. With advance security features users can download a certificate tying the Vi30110 to a specific client or server. A built in certificate generator adds to secure communications. 


Vigitron Vi30110 is designed to meet the growing power and bandwidth requirements for IP security cameras by providing both reliability and conductivity with the ability to locate and determine network system problems: 
  • High PoE budget of 250w providing 8 ports at 802.3af @ 15.4W, 8 ports at 802.3at @ 30W and 7 ports @ 36W
  • Programmable Video/Data packet transmission up to the Jumbo Frame limit of 9600 bytes for transmitting the highest mega pixel cameras at 100Mbps and 1Gps port speeds.
  • Wide 20Gbps switch fabric assuring all required bandwidth, even with all ports at their maximum bandwidth assuring video and data quality.
  • Automatic connection and re-connection with PoE application for more reliable startups reducing down time potentials.
  • Programmable multi-casting for compatibility and performance with largest IP video network systems.
  • Programmable Rapid Spanning Tree for redundant network configuration assuring maintenance of network communication using multiple paths.
  • Ability to download a certificate for secure communications between switch, client and server.
  • Trace Route and the ability to monitor 32 paths using fixed IP routing.
  • Automatic MAC address detection for connected devices for easy connection verification and security programming.
  • Built in error server with ability to download error logs in .CVS or .txt format.