NetObserver™ Network Health Monitoring Software

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  • Network health monitoring software system
  • Receives status communications from up to 240,000 ports
  • Pinpoints specific transmission errors, reducing system troubleshooting and downtime
  • Provides comprehensive logging and network status performance
  • Provides immediate alarm conditions
  • Allows monitoring through mapping and network topology
  • Provides public and private email services integration
  • Programmable automatic status checking of connected devices
  • Built-in ping generator for testing device connection
  • Runs in the background and compatible with Windows™ programs
  • Communicates on SNMP, TCP, UDP, and SysLog
  • Provides Discovery Protocols using Onvif and uPnP
  • Unique "Look Ahead" feature to warn of pending problems before they occur
  • Upload maps and position devices with automatic alerts
  • Topological mapping displays individual connection status and device identification
  • User customizable message logging and sorting
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Vigitron’s NetObserver™ V3000 V1.00 is a universal Windows™ network health monitoring software that is able to monitor up to 240,000 points using SNMP, TCP, UDP, Syslog and Ping communications. It reports network status and issues alerts pinpointing problem areas reducing troubleshooting time.


The NetObserver™ is compatible with any device with an IP address. It can be used both on WAN and LAN systems to reduce the potential for costly on site service calls and extensive system down time. Device discovery includes Onvif, UPnP and manual entry. Device icons and maps can be custom configured. The NetObserver™ logs can be searched and customized for specific dates and times and downloaded to ".CSV" and Excel™ file formats. Custom alerts and warnings can also be sent via email.


The NetObserver™ can fully operate in either a minimized or background mode or as a companion to Windows™ based VMS and Access control systems.