Drop and Insert 3-Port 60W PoE Switch

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  • Provides an easy way to add a second IP camera withouth requiring new home-run cable
  • Each unit extends IP Video and PoE for an extra 328 ft. (100m)
  • Multiple units can be cascaded to transmit IP Video and PoE up to 3,000 ft. (909m)
  • Can be powered by 60W PoE or a local power source
  • Provides up to 30W PoE output per port
  • Automatically senses input data rate
  • Provides third port for drop and insert along a single cable run
  • Provides full IEEE Network layer 2 switching to avoid transmission conflicts
  • No network configuration required
  • Eliminates the need for multiple cable runs for perimeter and parknig lot applications
  • Provides access up to 9 IP addresses eliminating the need for network switches in small systems
  • Hardened with wide range operating temperature of -20°C to +60°C
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The Vi30103 is a 3-port Layer 2 PoE switch providing drop and insert capability for connecting several IP devices along a single cable run. The Vi30103 provides a cost effective method for increasing distances beyond the standard Ethernet limit of 328 feet (100m). Multiple units can be cascaded to provide up to nine IP cameras to be connected to a single network switch port over distances of up 3,000 feet (909m).

For small systems the Vi30103's Layer 2 network capability can eliminate the need for network switches saving costs and rack space. It also can significantly decrease network switch costs by increasing the port capacity of the switch. As a mini network switch, the Vi30103 avoids the potentials for transmission collisions by complying with IEEE standards. It is an easy and quick solution to add an extra camera without requiring to have a new home-run cable.
The Vi30103 can be powered by a 60W PoE source or a local power supply. Additional power up to 60W can be inserted at any point along the cable run where power outlets are available and provide the ability to power IP cameras up to 30W per port.