4-Port 1G Ethernet Fiber Media Convertor

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  • Provides four 1G fiber media converter in a single chassis for easy installation 
  • Uses Small Format Pluggable (SFP) to interface to a variety of fiber cables***
  • Enable a simple method for increasing the capacity of network switches by providing additional fiber ports
  • Transmits Jumbo Frames up to 9,600 bytes for handling the largest Megapixel cameras
  • Distances of up to 80Km can be achieved depending on the type of fiber cable and SFPs 
  • Combine with Vi5000R for up to 16-port rack mounted
  • Combine with Vi30005 to create a 4-port layer 2 fiber switch
  • Extended temperature operation up to -40°C to +75°C
  • Each port can be powered by PoE or local power supply
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Vigitron's Vi50004 is a 4-port fiber to UTP media converter enabling Ethernet signals to be transmitted over different types of fiber optic cables. The use of SFP fiber modules results in compatibility with all major single and multimode fiber optics cables to achieve desired transmission distances depending on the type of cables and SFPs. The Vi50004 is an efficient solution for connecting uplinks from multiple network switches to headend in IDF to MDF system configurations using fiber cables.  The Vi50004 expands fiber transmission capacity for most switches that have just two fiber ports. With the growing number of cameras requiring 1G connection, the Vi50004 provides an efficient solution for systems that multiple of these cameras are used. Each port can be individually powered by PoE or local power supply.

When Vi50004 is combined with a Vi50000A up to 60W can be provided to high power PoE cameras such as PTZ or multisenor cameras. The combination of Vi50004 and Vi50000A provides a complete reliable fiber/PoE solution. 
Up to four Vi50004 can be placed in a Vi5000R to create rackmountable headend solutions from 4 to 16 ports providing cost effective solutions for any size applications.