Managed Hardened 4+2+2-Port, L2+, 90W PoE, 1G Industrial Ring Switch

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  • 4+2+2 ports with 10/100/1000/2500Mbps** data rate
  • Jumbo frame programing at all bandwidth settings
  • 90W 802.3bt PoE compliant ports w/ 495W total input power
  • Operating temperature range -40ºC to +70ºC
  • G.8032 V1/V2 Rapid Ring protocol compliant
  • Dual Copper uplink ports with programmable PoE plus
  • Dual independent fiber Uplink ports
  • Over current protection w/6kv built in surge protection
  • 20Gb switch fabric for highest MP camera handling
  • NTP and Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Dual power input for back up power supply
  • Dual programmable Form C alarm outputs
  • Din Rail and Desktop mounting
  • Programmable Port Temperature monitoring
  • Detailed Syslog with Health status messaging
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  • Datasheet
  • A&E Spec
  • Drawing
  • Application
  • User's Manual

Vigitron's Vi30208 sets a new standard for Industrial Network Switches (INS) with the ability to independently program data for fiber and copper ports and PoE for copper ports providing flexibility in meeting application requirements for 6 independent PoE ports. The Vi30208 operates in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +70ºC and able to monitor and report individual port temperature.

The Vi30208 accepts DC power up to 495W provides IEEE 802.3bt compliant 90W PoE power on all 6 copper ports for up to a maximum total power of 480W that enables it to power the most demanding PoE applications for PTZ domes, LED lighting and wireless products. Up to six ports can be programmed to provide PoE for maximum installation flexibility.
The Vi30208’s intelligent PoE management allocates the maximum power priority starting from port 1. Dual copper and fiber uplinks enable drop and insert for Ring Network configurations to be used for roads and perimeter security applications. Dual copper and fiber uplinks enable drop and insert for Ring Network configurations for roads and perimeter security applications.
The Vi30208 is uniquely designed for outdoor enclosure applications with, a ribbed temperature disbursement chassis, 6KV surge protection and user programmable port thermal protection of over temperature shut down to prevent damage to the Vi30208 from excessive heat.
The Vi30208 is an ideal solution for a wide veraiety of projects specially for IDF to MDF applications.