Wireless IP Camera Installation Tool w/Removable PoE Power Bank

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  • Simplifies and speeds up installation and Camera positioning
  • Compact and light weight design makes it possible to operate it hands-free  
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at POE standards, and can deliver up to  36W of POE 
  • Monitors real time PoE voltage and power on OLED display
  • Enables focusing and adjusting the camera view through wired and wireless connections to the camera for viewing images on cell phones, tablets or laptops
  • Provides a 5V USB port for charging smart phones/tablets on the site
  • Built in rechargeable battery provides PoE power to connected devices without the need for external power sources 
  • Compact design, light, and easy to use
  • Verifies proper camera connection and PoE
  • Reduces installation time and cost
  • Patent pending
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Vigitron's patent pending Vi00023 wireless camera setup tool offers a fast and reliable method for focusing and adjusting the view of IP cameras in the field. The connected IP camera image is transmitted through both WiFi and wired connection allowing for quick in-field view of image on cell phones, tablets or laptops. It also displays PoE voltage and power consumed by the camera. The Vi00023 is very compact and light and can easily fit in a pocket. The carrying strap makes it easy to operate hands-free.

PoE Source: 
The built in Midspan is compliant to IEEE 802.3af/at and provides up to 36W PoE power. 
The Vi00023’s WiFi provides the ability to view IP camera image on smart phones, tablets or computers operating with Android, iOS, or WindowsTM platforms by entering the connected device's user name and password. A blue LED indicates that the WiFi is active. The Vi00023 can operate at distances up to 60 feet (18m).
Aux Port: 
Provides an easy way to connect a wired IP device to the WiFi network for testing purposes.
USB Port: 
A 5V @1.5A USB port is provided for charging smart Phones and Tablets on site. 
DC Power Output: 
The DC power output provides a 12VDC @ 1.5A  for powering non PoE devices.        
Removable Battery: 
The Vi00023 has a rechargeable and removable battery that provides power to the unit and the connected camera. It is 43.2Wh and provides up to 80 minutes of use at 20W or 8 hours at 5W meeting the most depending network testing and positioning requirements.  A Battery Status Icon on the OLED display shows the remaining charge level. The removable battery can be charged either connected to Vi00023 or stand alone. The Vi00023 includes a fast battery charger and an extra battery pack that makes it possible to use it for longer time without running out of power.
The Vi00023’s compact and the light weight construction makes it easy to carry. It is an ideal tool that saves time and money in installation and debugging of IP cameras.