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  • Indicates type and  wire configuration of PoE sources at any point along a networks
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt POE standards 
  • Indicates Mode A and B for IEEE 802.3af, at, bt and UPoE
  • Confirms PoE source up to 90W 
  • Indicates PoE types by using 6 easy to read LEDs
  • No power required, uses PoE only
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Low cost and  and easy to use


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 Vigitron’s Vi00027 is a PoE test tool that can quickly confirm the type of transmitted PoE and the cable configuration. It is compact in size, light weight, low cost and easy to use. The Vi00027 has a built in microcontroller circuit that can precisely detect presence of Modes A and B for IEEE 802.3af,/at, IEEE 802.3bt and UPoE.

Different PoE powered devices require different wire configurations depending on their type and class. The method to power PoE connected devices requires that the number of wire pairs used to transmit PoE must be matched by the ability of the connected PoE device to receive the transmitted PoE. 
Before installing PoE devices, the Vi00027 can determine if the PoE source and cable configuration are matched by the PoE device requirement. This can take the guess work out of PoE devices installation and save valuable installation and troubleshooting time. 
The Vi00027 has a built in keychain that makes it easy to carry and use.