16 Channel Powered VPD Combiner Hub

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• Supports up to 16 cameras by providing video, class II power
  and data on a single Category 5 cable per camera
• 16 isolated camera power individually selectable 24 or 28
  VAC at 1 A max per channel, 12 A aggregated
• A glass fuse per channel, accessible from front panel
• Use with the Vi1053VPD transceiver at the camera
• Power present and fault indicator LEDs for each camera
• 1U high wall or rack mountable
• Designed for structured wiring applications
• Limited lifetime warranty

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The Vi1416VPD is an advanced device that combines video, PTZ data, and camera power over a single 4-pair UTP cable to simplify CCTV installations in a structured wiring environment. It supports up to 16 cameras and is designed to be placed at a location between the cameras and control room to extend the video up to 3,000 feet (915 m).

The Vi1416VPD has a 16 channel fully isolated class II built-in 28/24 VAC power supply. Each camera power output is equipped with a glass fuse for extra protection. All fuses are easily accessible from front. At the camera end the Vi1053VPD video balun/combiner provides video, power and data on separate outputs.

The Vi1416VPD can be installed at the "head end" or “mid-span”. The video signals are connected through 4 RJ45 and Category-5 cables to passive or active UTP receivers at the control room. The data connections to the DVR are through 4-pair RJ-45 cables. There is a separate data connection for each camera. All equipment follows industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts. The Vi1416VPD is an ideal CCTV component for structured cabling environments.