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• Provides a simple way to setup PoE powered IP cameras

• Maintains PoE power to the IP camera while making a  local Ethernet connection to a laptop to view the camera image

• Measures and displays PoE voltage and power at the camera

• 10/100BASE-T compliant with integrated network crossover

• Compatible with IEEE and most non-standard solutions up to 30W

• Does not require external power source, uses PoE power from the network

• Low cost and easy to use

• Speeds up the IP camera installation

• Limited lifetime warranty

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Vigitron’s Vi0021 ViewMate™ is a compact but powerful tool for installing and troubleshooting PoE enabled devices. The Vi0021 accuratetly  and continuously measures and displays the voltage and power level of PoE at the camera input on 2 separate displays.

When connected, ViewMate™ passes the PoE power from the “Network” Ethernet port to the remote PoE powered device such as an IP camera through “Camera” port, and the “Laptop” port provides direct network connection from the remote IP camera to a local laptop for focusing and set up. 

Powered directly from PoE sources, the Vi0021 doesn’t require any external power.  It is compatible with IEEE, IEEE and most non-standards PoE systems up to 30 watts for 100/10 BASE-T environments.

ViewMate’s patent-pending design offers a small and rugged packaging. It is an ideal diagnostic tool for all installers working with both CCTV and IT PoE systems.