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Vigitron offers a complete line of fully managed and harden switches designed for network IP cameras, offering many bandwidth and PoE features not found in standard network switches.

Vi30005MaxiiNet 5-Ports 1G (1000Mbps) PoE Powered Switch
Vi30005WMaxiiNet 5-Ports 1G (1000Mbps) IP67 PoE Powered Switch
Vi30018MaxiiNet 18-Port Fast Ethernet L2 High Power PoE Managed Switch
Vi3003WMaxiiNet IP67 Weatherproof L2 Drop and Insert 1G 60W PoE++ 3-Port Ne
Vi3005MaxiiNet 5-port PoE Powered Switch
Vi3010MaxiiNet 10-port Gigabit Ethernet L2 Plus Managed PoE Switch
Vi30103Drop and Insert 3-Port 60W PoE Switch
Vi30110High Power PoE Network Switch
Vi30126MaxiiNet 26-Port Fast Ethernet L2 High Power PoE Managed Switch
Vi3012828-Ports GbE/10GbE L2+/L3 Static Route DHCP Managed PoE Switch
Vi30208Managed Hardened 4+2+2-Port, L2+, 90W PoE, 1G Industrial Ring Switch
Vi30210Hardened Managed 10-Port, L2+, 1G Industrial 90W PoE Ring Switch
Vi31026MaxiiNet Hybrid 26-Port, 8-Port Extended UTP, 16-Port Standard
Vi3103MaxiiNetTM L2 Drop and Insert 30W PoE+ 3-Port Switch
Vi3105MaxiiNet 5-port 60W PoE Powered PoE Switch w/ Extended UTP Uplink
Vi31126MaxiiNet Hybrid 26-Port, 16-Port Extended UTP, 8-Port Standard
Vi32026MaxiiNet Hybrid 26-Port Fast Ethernet L2 Managed 8-Port Extended Coax
Vi3205MaxiiNet 5-port PoE Powered Layer 2 PoE Switch w/ Extended Coax Uplink
Vi32126MaxiiNet Hybrid 26-Port, 16-Port Extended Coax, 8-Port Standard UTP
Vi32226MaxiiNet 26-Port Extended Coax, L2 Managed PoE Switch
Vi3305MaxiiNet 5-port PoE Extended UTP PoE Switch
Vi3326MaxiiNet Gigabit Ethernet L2 Plus Managed Switch
Vi3405MaxiiNet 5-port PoE Extended Coax PoE Switch
Vi35024MaxiiNetTM 20 + 4 Combo Ports L2+/L3 Lite Fiber Managed Network Switch
Vi35126MaxiiNet Hybrid Fast Ethernet L2 Managed Fiber & UTP PoE Switch