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Specifically designed for digital CCTV market, Vigitron POE products feature high power PSE and PD devices that surpass POE+ specifications to achieve maximum distance and flexibility for CCTV and IT applications.  POE products are offered as single and multi-port with switching or mid-span injection fabric.

Vi00026PoE Class Changer
Vi22001MaxiiPower™ Single Port 90W PoE++ Midspan
Vi2201MaxiiPower Single Port 802.3at, 30W Midspan
Vi2202MaxiiPower Dual Port 60W PoE++ Midspan
Vi2208AMaxiiPower 8 and 16-port High-Power PoE+ Midspan
Vi22101MaxiiPower IEEE 802.3af to 12VDC Splitter
Vi2216AMaxiiPower 8 and 16-port High-Power PoE++ Midspan
Vi2216LTMaxiiPower 16-port High-Power PoE+ Midspan
Vi22201MaxiiPower IEEE 802.3af/at 12/24VDC PoE Splitter
Vi22301MaxiiPowerTM IEEE 802.3af/at 60W PoE Splitter w/ a 30W PoE Port & 12/2
Vi22401MaxiiPower Single Port 60W PoE++ Midspan
Vi22501MaxiiPower™ 30W Midspan with DC Input
Vi22601MaxiiPower™ 60W Midspan with DC Input
Vi2601Single Port Extended Coax PoE Midspan
Vi30044-Port Fiber to Ethernet Layer 2 Network PoE Media Converter
Vi3004LV4-Port Fiber to Ethernet Layer 2 Network PoE Media Converter
Vi320212VDC/24VAC Coax Ethernet Extender w/ 60W PoE