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Vigitron offers the most advanced PoE meters, individual port certified surge protection, and single pair alarm wire baluns for transmitting IP video and PoE.

IP Accessories  
DIN Rails DIN Rail Adapters
Vi00016 MaxiiPower™ PoE Power Combiner Cable
Vi00022 MaxiiView™ Wireless IP Camera setup and PoE Tester Tool
Vi00023 Wireless IP Camera Installation Tool w/Removable PoE Power Bank
Vi00023L Wireless IP Camera Installation Tool w/PoE Power Bank
Vi00024 PoE Maximum Load Meter w/ Voltage & Power Monitor
Vi00027 PoE Test Tool
Vi00103 NetMux™ Ethernet and PoE Port Multiplexer
Vi0019 ViewMate IP Camera Setup and PoE Test Tool
Vi0021 ViewMate POE Camera Setup Tool
Vi0024 802.3af/at Power Device (PD)
Vi0025 PoE Blocker
Vi0030 MaxiiCopper™ 2-Wire Passive Adapter
Vi2001 Ethernet Surge Protector
Vi5000R / Vi5000B Rack Mount for 4-port Transmission Equipment
Analog Accessories  
Vi0010 Rack panel kit supports up to three 4-port Hubs
Vi0013 Mini Coax Jumper Cables 2ft (8-Pack)
Vi0116D 1 to 16-Port RS485/RS422 Data Distributor